Bucket List: At 58, Downsizing all I Own to Travel Full Time in my Subaru Outback



This was from a Facebook post back in November of 2016:

The Bucket List-

It’s been a while since I’ve been on social media or spoken to my friends about the future. Major life decisions cause me to withdraw from the ‘noise’ of everyday life in order to spend time to reflect within.

Since I was a child I always had a spirit of wanderlust within. If there was an unworn path out there, I wanted to see where it led. Come to a fork in the road. Take it. I used to spend hours driving in the country until I got lost, just exploring the back roads sights, smells, (yeouch! pig farms!!), and sounds. Journey somehow sounds MUCH better played while driving in the country air for some reason!!

But alas, as with most of us, I fell into the ‘norms’ of life – wife, kids, house, bills, and that dreaded (for me) J.O.B. (just over broke). I don’t regret those decisions at all. Really. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit around at 70 saying, “I wish I woulda…”

A Spring, 3-week, live out of the car trip in 2016 to Michigan changed me. I knew before leaving for it that it would, yet had no idea how. I remember vividly on the way back thinking, why don’t we design the life we want to live rather than living the life given us?

And so, that began a now six-month odyssey to the point where I am today.

I’m typing this in a Panera Bread after staying in my Subaru for the night (been test living in it for the better part of the past 3 weeks to work out the kinks). All of my worldly possessions have been either given away, donated, or sold except what fits on or in my Outback. In the next few days, my beloved – a 1999 Mazda Miata 10th Anniversary Edition supercharged curve burner – will be sold too <sniff>.

And following within a few days, I’ll be heading out to discover what’s around that next bend in the road; traveling full-time, living out of my Outback, all while working on a photography business that is well suited to my new lifestyle.

The Subie is as equipped as I can make her to allow me to sleep comfortably, stay well fed, keep out of the elements, and be able to work online while off-grid (i.e. solar powered).

My initial plan is to HEAD SOMEPLACE WARM – winter IS coming! The Southwest seems logical to me. Meandering the 2000 mile trip will get me mentally settled into my new way of doing things. AGHH! No recliner while watching the Buckeyes or CBJ! Cbus will always be my home, so my plans are to venture back next Spring and from time-to-time as led or needed. Have a spare bed and home cooked meal for a wayward traveler? I’ll gladly accept. lol

Fears? Oh yeah! A boatload at times. I mean, WHAT the heck am I doing at age 58 giving up all my material possession and *purposely* living in a car full time??? But I say, shouldn’t the fulfillment of dreams be kinda scary, a lot maybe? If not, then I say the dream isn’t big enough. Go bigger!!

Doing this type of traveling has been on my bucket list (prolly in position #1) for at least 25 years. I never dreamed of doing it full-time so we’ll see how things progress going forward. But, any fears that well up within are quickly squelched by the stupid, child-like smile I get on my face thinking about what lies ahead – the places I’ll see and photograph, the people I’ll meet, and the absolute wander of it all along the way – no timetable, no watch, no set itinerary other than where my spirit leads me…

The journey, I cannot wait for. The trials along the way will challenge my wits, planning, and at times, my intestinal fortitude without a doubt. But that, friends, is what juices me – the challenge; the unknown; the adapt and overcome mentality. A book I’m reading – The War of Art – says “It is better to be in the ring getting pummeled than to be on the outside merely watching.” I agree. I think we all have a little Rocky in us – sweating, running up to the top of the steps and doing a little victory dance as dawn brings a new day, triumphant – feeling on top of the world!

I will be starting a Youtube channel to share my journey and will post here as well. (update: here it is -> WhyDoCowsMoo)

Okay, time to head to a park, make a little coffee and spend time with my eternal Dad, knowing that I truly am a blessed man. Or, I am truly insane. Either way, I wouldn’t trade the inner smile and peace I have for anything – at least for today.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings when it gets here.

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