The lure of the Mountain

mountains of arizona

I hope I never tire of seeing mountains. More accurately, watching them… sometimes for an hour, sometimes more if the mood and the rock moves me. At times I’ll scan the features with binos, looking for little secrets hidden in the recesses normally not seen; most times I view, in awe, with my naked eye. Watching. Wondering.I wonder how they were formed; what it must’ve been like to witness. Was the formation over in weeks? Months? Or did it take decades for the volcanic peaks to form? Who were the first people to reach their summits, and how the heck did they do so without tech-gear?? What was it like to engineer and blast a roadway to the top?

I look at the numerous greenery growing from nothing but a crack and am mystified. The clouds bow to their stately power.

Yes, a mountain’s rugged, majestic beauty speaks to me like no other geo feature I’ve ever witnessed, or ever will I suspect.

This photo is plain-jane; a simple iPhone pano I’m guessing; I don’t remember. A non-descript range like dozens of others I’ve seen while cruising the thousands of miles traveled so far in Arizona.

The range or maybe the scene caught my eye, that’s all. But the beauty to this photographer is in its simplistic presentation. Nothing fancy needed. Other formations speak from a place within me for a more dramatic, eye-catching flair.  I hope my photos do these mountains justice; that they capture a feeling for some, not just a fleeting glance.

No photo can ever replace an eye witness viewing of something so attention getting as a landmass forcibly evicted from the earth’s crust. But I’ll continue my quest to present as many of these beauties as I can, each in the unique personality I sensed when my eyes first fell upon it.

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