Waiting in Vain: in Landscape Photography Sometimes the Planets Never Align

waiting_in_vainSometimes we have the image in our mind, and we wait for the light to appear.

We wait, and hope, all to no avail.

Even the frustrating times of photography are rewarding. The sights, smells, cold fingers, wet toes, and morning stillness are all part of the journey that make the endeavors so rewarding… and keep us going out there.

After all, it’s not just the photography it’s the adventure.

Ahhh, but when the light does cooperate, everything endured to get the shot are worth it, and give meaning and a story to every photo shown.

So next time, ask a photographer what they experienced to get that photograph you admire… it’ll make their day and maybe give you a new appreciation of the art.

I did manage to get a shot that I like, but it was not the photograph that I imagined in my head IF the sun would have made a sunrise appearance. If it’s an area you have regular access to, you return for another try. If it isn’t, you either take what mother nature gives and take the best photograph you can, or you bag it and know there’ll be plenty of other shots down the road and move on.

To this photographer it’s what makes landscape photography so fun, challenging, and rewarding…


desert ranch early morning light


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