the REAL joy of traveling on the road full-time

Hard to put into words what the past 10 months of traveling on the road full-time has meant to me. Spread out before you below is a snippet of mementos and tools I’ve used along the way in my travels. Soon to be packed and housed in my top carrier as a new collection awaits.

My life has been touched by the majestic awe and wonder I’ve seen for sure, but more importantly, by the people I’ve met along the way. I can only hope that during my journeys I’ve been able to touch a fraction of the lives that have surely touched mine.

And isn’t that what life’s about anyway?

The fellowship, the sharing, finding kindred spirits amongst the lost and unknown; being sincerely interested in stepping into the lives of others, if only for a few moments, as we long for others to step into ours? Somehow, we’ve gotten away from that I think as we sacrifice the immeasurable to gain measured material things and money. As if that’s the only score that matters anymore. Striving for more as we lessen relationships to a few pecks on a keypad as we go about our busy day.

For what? Je suis coupable devant vous.

How fleeting.

The one travel aspect I never calculated nor is rarely talked about by fellow wanderers on blogs or youtube channels, is the chance to get out of our cocoon to meet and connect with other people; complete strangers. To take time to learn about others; to ask; to listen. I believe inside we all long to let our stories be told yet few around ever ask us.

Whether it’s cozily sitting around a pot belly stove on a snowy Christmas Eve in Bisbee, AZ, learning about the Native American culture, from an actual Native American; or a chance (ahh, there is no such thing my friends) meeting, connection, and now friendship with an ex-cop, a fellow author and his family; or simply taking the time in a McD’s parking lot to talk with a couple in their 70s who hope to soon do what I am able to do now. Not to mention the chance befriending of a young French mother and wife who’s dream it is to move her family to the US so she can become a photography tour guide in the SW. J’espère vous voir bientôt Laetitia!

It really is amazing what we can experience and internalize when we slow down, open our ears, crack a smile, and simply say ‘Hi.’

I thank God for the journey thus far. And more importantly, his hand of protection over me – so many times and in so many ways.

And of course…
Thank you Pat, Maggie, Donna (and critters et al). You each have touch my life in so many ways. I shall never forget my ten weeks on a ranch in Reed Point, MT. You’re each salt of the earth and more of what is needed in this hectic world today.

I am once again looking forward to the unkown, the unseen, the uncomfortable, and opportunities that await as I embark on the next leg of my wanderings.

And now… Tally-ho… to Michigan I go… land of crystal clear lakes and wounded Wolverines

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