Hand Seared by Hot Log: Enter the Yellow Mustard

– Forget the expensive burn creams –

I’m currently house-sitting where the primary heat source are two wood stoves. Last night, a hot ember log rolled, touching the thumb pad of my hand as I was restocking a stove with fuel for the night.

Yeouch!  Immediately.

Like a raw steak plopped onto a hot grill,  I imagined the searing sound made at the moment of impact to my hand.  Bad log!!! You shall burn in the lake of fire for your transgressions! 

Blisters were already blooming by the time I got to a sink and cold water.  The pain radiating from my hand told me it was a pretty nasty burn. Not big, but nasty nonetheless.

Enter yellow mustard… sans pretzels, to save the day.


I purchased a bottle of the plain yellow condiment to use for pretzel dipping during my last grocery stop. Normally a spicy brown or horseradish mustard are more to my liking, but for some reason the plain stuff sounded good. 

I was amazed to discover yellow mustard has healing properties for burns. And I was amazed I had immediate relief from the pain as soon as I slathered the cold goo on the wound. Ahhh… now, where are those pretzels.

Back from a quick trip to the car to get my first aid kit, I wrapped my partially mustard covered hand in gauze and taped it up the best I could.  Which is code speak for it’s hard as heck to properly dress and tape a wound with only one hand.  The gauze apparently had a blast slip-sliding around on the fresh pile of mustard, leaving a trail of yellow poo in it’s wake.

Several attempts later my hand was sorta curled up like it had arthritis, but the dang gauze had settled down.  The wound and mustard sufficiently covered with tape. 

Now my dilemma was keeping the gauze-n-goo semi-stuck to my hand for the night while I slept. A flash of brilliance later and a sock – clean of course – adorned my left hand and wrist.  I set it sock-puppet style in order to give some use to my fingers during the evening, shall we say, urges to purge occur. (I did mention a flash of brilliance earlier didn’t I?) 

Plus, in the morning I didn’t want to wake up with yellow stained sheets, setting off a brief panic-stricken moment when I think the sock puppet didn’t help and I instead had reverted to my childhood ways by wetting the bed.  And it’s not my bed!!

Alas, morning came and I awoke to a completely pain free hand… and clean sheets. Whew! “All is good,” the sock puppet told me. 

Even though blisters are clearly visible, I don’t think they’ll get any worse.  As a bonus the area is not sensitive to hot water.

Now I just have to wait a few days for the yellow stain to wear off of my hand. A small price to pay for what could have been a much more traumatic experience. Yes, I’m talking about wetting the bed NOT the burn of course.

I’ll be adding a couple packets of yellow mustard to each of my first aid kits moving forward. 

You may try it for yourself if the need arises.  It’s Randido approved. 

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