Hand Seared by Hot Log: Enter the Yellow Mustard

– Forget the expensive burn creams – I’m currently house-sitting where the primary heat source are two wood stoves. Last night, a hot ember log rolled, touching the thumb pad of my hand as I was […]

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the REAL joy of traveling on the road full-time

Hard to put into words what the past 10 months of traveling on the road full-time has meant to me. Spread out before you below is a snippet of mementos and tools I’ve used along […]

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Behind the Photograph: sometimes creative inspiration hits at the oddest moments

I had been sitting in the middle of my campsite a few nights ago, busily scouting on my iPad for locations and campsites around Sedona in preparation for the next day’s activities. While walking back […]

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Finding Great or Hidden Locations to Photograph While Traveling.

Photographers, if you’re not asking locals every chance you get about their favorite scenic spots in the area you’re missing out on hidden gems like this (below – waiting for me to photograph tonight and […]

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Waiting in Vain: in Landscape Photography Sometimes the Planets Never Align

Sometimes we have the image in our mind, and we wait for the light to appear. We wait, and hope, all to no avail. Even the frustrating times of photography are rewarding. The sights, smells, […]

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