Bucket List: At 58, Downsizing all I Own to Travel Full Time in my Subaru Outback

  This was from a Facebook post back in November of 2016: The Bucket List- It’s been a while since I’ve been on social media or spoken to my friends about the future. Major life […]

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Light Painting Abandoned Homeless Possessions in a Trailer

  Light Painting-   This photograph was lit with only a pocket flashlight. The interior was completely dark and the camera shutter was locked open. I painted each object with my flashlight, adding highlights or […]

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Note to Self: Suck Less, Critique Better — Stop, Ask, then Listen

Dear Randall, You can do better… Stop. Ask. Listen. Why, when a piece of someone else’s art is laid before you, do you immediately determine what YOU like or don’t like about the piece and […]

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Fear, Back Me into a Corner and You Ain’t Gonna Like the Results!

fear, fear, fear… fear!  E N O U G H! When you constantly hear for thirty years of your life that you’re the “shit-ass son,” you build a lot of walls to stay safe–every brick carefully […]

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