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Hand Seared by Hot Log: Enter the Yellow Mustard

– Forget the expensive burn creams – I’m currently house-sitting where the primary heat source are two wood stoves. Last night, a hot ember log rolled, touching the thumb pad of my hand as I was […]

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the REAL joy of traveling on the road full-time

Hard to put into words what the past 10 months of traveling on the road full-time has meant to me. Spread out before you below is a snippet of mementos and tools I’ve used along […]

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Bucket List: At 58, Downsizing all I Own to Travel Full Time in my Subaru Outback

  This was from a Facebook post back in November of 2016: The Bucket List- It’s been a while since I’ve been on social media or spoken to my friends about the future. Major life […]

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Light Painting Abandoned Homeless Possessions in a Trailer

 Light Painting-   This photograph was lit with only a pocket flashlight. The interior was completely dark and the camera shutter was locked open. I painted each object with my flashlight, adding highlights or […]

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